Tigress / Jake Litter:  M-Litter


Sequoyah German Shepherds

Gretchen/Taco 99
Rio/Dax 04
Raven/Logan 11-04
Rio/Logan 6-05
Raven/Logan 1-06
Laynie/Logan 5-06
Raven/Logan 3-07
Raven/Judge 11-07
Uny/Tommy 1-08
Cosie/Jeb 3-08
Uny/Dierk 7-08
Raven/Dierk 9-08
Ghirra and Xeus
Jesse and Remington 11/2008
Ryker/Nellie 3-09
Raven/Dierk 4-5-09
Tigress and Wasko 5-24-09
Ghirra/Wasko 6-09
Uny / Galant 7-20-09
Tigress/Wasko 12/17/09
Ghirra/Wasko 12/25/10
Kiah / Thorn 2-13-10
Raven/Wasko 5-7-10
Tigress / Patron 7-18-10
Uny/Quasi 7-18-10
Moira/Joschi 8-18-10
Raven/Quasi 5-7-10
Tala/Brix 1-1-11
Rayna/Patron 1-15-11
Moira/Joschi 2-7-11
Uny/Ozzy 3-4-11
Connie/Wasko 6-26-11
Tigress/Jake 8-4-11
Alline/Hudson 8-30-11
Rayna/Patron 1-11-12
Mags/Ken 2-12-12
Moira/Irmus 9-22-12
Rayna/Patron 1-9-13
Mags/Drago 5-11-13


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GSD Placements


Last updated 7/7/13

Tigress v. RossHaus was bred with Sequoyah's Shadow of J. E. B. "Jake"

From Tigress and Jake  8/4/2011:      "Scout"


Hello! Just wanted to send you a couple of recent pictures of Scout. She is absolutely amazing. So easy to train. She tries so hard to please. Thanks again for such a wonderful friend!

B and S

Update 5-23-12

Hello Sherle,

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to send recent pics of Scout. We just took a walk and played with the tennis ball. Everyone who meets Scout cannot get over what a beautiful and intelligent dog she is. She is terrific with people of all ages. She is intuitively gentle with children. She loves to play with other dogs. As Bill says, "She has a heart of gold."

Looking forward to seeing you in July,


Update 7-7-13

Hello Sherle,

Scout is doing great!!! She is such a pleasure. Thanks again for such a quality dog.  S