Ryker and Nelly's Litter


Sequoyah German Shepherds

Gretchen/Taco 99
Rio/Dax 04
Raven/Logan 11-04
Rio/Logan 6-05
Raven/Logan 1-06
Laynie/Logan 5-06
Raven/Logan 3-07
Raven/Judge 11-07
Uny/Tommy 1-08
Cosie/Jeb 3-08
Uny/Dierk 7-08
Raven/Dierk 9-08
Ghirra and Xeus
Jesse and Remington 11/2008
Ryker/Nellie 3-09
Raven/Dierk 4-5-09
Tigress and Wasko 5-24-09
Ghirra/Wasko 6-09
Uny / Galant 7-20-09
Tigress/Wasko 12/17/09
Ghirra/Wasko 12/25/10
Kiah / Thorn 2-13-10
Raven/Wasko 5-7-10
Tigress / Patron 7-18-10
Uny/Quasi 7-18-10
Moira/Joschi 8-18-10
Raven/Quasi 5-7-10
Tala/Brix 1-1-11
Rayna/Patron 1-15-11
Moira/Joschi 2-7-11
Uny/Ozzy 3-4-11
Connie/Wasko 6-26-11
Tigress/Jake 8-4-11
Alline/Hudson 8-30-11
Rayna/Patron 1-11-12
Mags/Ken 2-12-12
Moira/Irmus 9-22-12
Rayna/Patron 1-9-13
Mags/Drago 5-11-13


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GSD Placements

Last updated 6/25/10

From Ryker and Nellie 3/09:      Cody

Update:  6-25-10  

Shari and Dr. Thompson:

Iím so proud of this dog, Rykerís son, that I have to share with you.  Iíve attached a  couple of pics to show him off.  Weíve been doing protection training (in addition to obedience) and, according to his trainer, Cody can do anything!  He is going to compete for his BH this October.  He is a big, beautiful, sweet dog.  He loves children and is the sweetheart of his doggy daycare.  His trainer said he is one of the most balanced dogs heís ever worked with. 

When he gets a little older and quits chewing (heís chewed up doors, my central air conditioning unit, his doghouse, etc.) Iím tempted to get another one.  He is pure joy and the most wonderful companion.  Any by the way, heís a house dog; the doghouse was an attempt to give him shelter from the rain.  I wish I had made a picture of it before it got hauled away (piece by piece).

I love visiting your website.  I feel like I know all the dogs and you guys too.

Pam Spurgeon