Ir Zimni Romance

Veterinarian co-owned

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Last updated 4/22/13

Meet:  Romeo (BH, FO, P1)

  •  Currently in Training under Shari Steven
  •  Sable male
  •  Good drives
  •  Nice grips
  •  Likes to work
  •  Great personality
  •  Excellent pedigree

Ir Zimni Romance or "Romeo" is one of the males that Sequoyah has imported to join our breeding program.  He loves to work and has a extremely happy outlook.  He is flashy in his obedience and thrives on protection.  He has nice, full grips and comes with speed and purpose.   He has nice conformation and balance.  His pedigree includes many well known names as well - Grandson to the 2008 BSP winner Javir Talka Marda, Great grandson to Tom van't Leefdaalhof,  Pluto z Pohranicni, and Quaste von Ankenrutt.  Other well known names in his immediate pedigree (first 5 generations) include Venusina sopka, Germanenquelle, and Jirkova dvora, Norbo Ben-Ju, Dasty vom Gries, Chuna Policia, Grim, Marc Herkulesblick, Timmy v d bosen Nachbarschaft, Troll, Aly vom Vordersteinwald, Yoschy Dollenwiese, Orry and Qerry Antverpa, Gero z Blatenskeho zamku, Cordon An-Sat, and Ciro Pohranicni Straze. 


Update from 4/18/13:  Training Day Fun!



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