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Last updated 7/23/07

Plants Toxic & Non-Toxic to Dogs

Please note:  This list is not all inclusive.  It was taken from a variety of sources & may not be complete.  Always consult your local veterinarian if you have any questions or doubts about something your dog has consumed.  You can also consult with the ASPCA.  The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, an operating division of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), is the only animal-oriented poison control center in North America.  It it unique, emergency hotline providing 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week telephone assistance.  The Center's hotline veterinarians can quickly answer questions about toxic chemicals, dangerous plants, products, or substances found in our everyday surroundings that prove poisonous or fatal to animals.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center



bulletAcocanthera (flowers, fruit)
bulletAconite (also called Monkshood, Wolfsbane - leaves, flowers, roots)
bulletAcorns (all parts)
bulletAlfalfa (also called Lucerne - foliage)
bulletAlmond (seeds)
bulletAloe Vera (also called Burn Plant - sap)
bulletAlsike Clover (foliage)
bulletAmaryllis (also called Naked Lady - bulbs)
bulletAmerican Yew (also called Yew - needles, seeds, bark)
bulletAmsinckia (also called Tarweed - all above ground, especially seeds)
bulletAndromeda Japonica (all parts)
bulletAngel's Trumpet (also called Chalice Vine, Datura, Trumpet Vine - all parts, especially seeds)
bulletAngel's Wings (also called Elephant Ears - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletAntherium (also called Flamingo Lily, Painter's Palette - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletApple (seeds)
bulletApple Leaf Croton
bulletApple of Peru (also called Thornapple, Flowering Tolguacha - all parts, especially seeds)
bulletApricot (inner seed)
bulletArrowgrass (foliage)
bulletArrowhead Vine (also called Nepthytis, Tri-Leaf Wonder - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletAsian Lily (Liliaceae - all parts)
bulletAsparagus Fern (shoots, berries)
bulletAustralian Nut (all parts)
bulletAutumn Crocus (also called Crocus - all parts)
bulletAvocado (fruit, pit, leaves)
bulletAzalea (all parts)
bulletBaby's Breath
bulletBaneberry (also called Doll's Eyes - foliage, red/white berries, roots)
bulletBayonet Plant (foliage, flowers)
bulletBelladonna (all parts, especially black berries)
bulletBird of Paradise (seeds, fruit)
bulletBitter Cherry (seeds)
bulletBitter Nightshade (also called Climbing Nightshade, Bittersweet, European Bittersweet - all parts, especially berries)
bulletBittersweet (also called Bitter Nightshade, Climbing Nightshade, European Bittersweet - all parts, especially berries)
bulletBlack Locust (leaves, shoots, pods, seeds, inner bark)
bulletBlack Nightshade (also called Common Nightshade, Nightshade - unripe berries)
bulletBleeding Heart (foliage, roots)
bulletBloodroot (all parts)
bulletBlue Flag (also called Flag, Fleur-de-lis, Iris - bulbs)
bulletBlue-Green Algae (all parts)
bulletBluebonnet (also called Lupine, Quaker Bonnets - all parts)
bulletBoston Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletBouncing Bet (also called Soapwort - all parts)
bulletBoxwood (all parts)
bulletBrackenfern; Braken Fern (also called Brake Fern - all parts)
bulletBrake Fern (also called Brakenfern, Braken Fern - all parts)
bulletBranching Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletBuckeye (also called Ohio Buckey, Horse Chestnut - buds, nuts, leaves, bark, seedlings, honey)
bulletBuckthorn (all parts)
bulletBuddhist Pine (all parts)
bulletBulbs (all species in the families Amarylliaceae, Iridaceae, Liliaceae - bulbs)
bulletBull Nettle (also called Carolina Nettle, Horse Nettle - all parts)
bulletBurn Plant (also called Aloe Vera - sap)
bulletButtercups (also called Crowfoot (new leaves, stems)
bulletCaladium (all parts)
bulletCaley Pea (all parts)
bulletCalfkill (all parts)
bulletCalla Lily (all parts)
bulletCandelabra Cactus (also called False Cactus - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletCarolina Horsenettle (also called Bull Nettle, Horse Nettle - all parts)
bulletCarolina Jessamine (also called Yellow Jessamine, Yellow Jasmine - all parts)
bulletCastor Oil Plant (also called Castor Bean - all parts, especially seeds)
bulletCastor Bean (also called Castor Oil Plant - all parts, especially seeds)
bulletCeriman (also called Cut-leaf Philodendron, Fruit Salad Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Split-leaf Philodendron, Swiss Cheese (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletChalice Vine (also called Angel's Trumpet, Trumpet Vine - all parts)
bulletCharming Dieffenbachia (all parts)
bulletCherry (also called Bitter Cherry, Choke Cherry, Pin Cherry, Wild Black Cherry - all parts - seeds and wilting leaves are the worst)
bulletCherry Laurel (foliage, flowers)
bulletChicks (all parts)
bulletChinaberry Tree (berries)
bulletChinese Evergreen (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletChinese Inkberry (also called Jessamine - fruit, sap)
bulletChinese Lantern (leaf, unripe fruit)
bulletChoke Cherry (seeds, bark)
bulletChristmas Flower (also called Christmas Plant, Easter Flower, Poinsettia - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletChristmas Plant (also called Christmas Flower, Easter Flower, Poinsettia - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletChristmas Rose (foliage, flowers)
bulletChrysanthemum (also called Feverfew, Mum - all parts)
bulletCineria (all parts)
bulletClematis (all parts)
bulletClimbing Nightshade (also called Bitter Nightshade, Bittersweet, European Bittersweet - all parts)
bulletClover (also called Alsike Clover, Red Clover, White Clover - foliage)
bulletCocklebur (seeds, seedlings, burs)
bulletCommon Burdock (burs)
bulletCommon Nightshade (also called Black Nightshade, Nightshade - unripe berries)
bulletCommon Privet (foliage, berries)
bulletCommon Tansy (foliage, flowers)
bulletCoral Plant (all parts)
bulletCordatum (all parts)
bulletCorn Lily (also called False Hellebore, Western False Hellebore - all parts)
bulletCorn Plant (also called Cornstalk Plant - all parts)
bulletCornflower (all parts)
bulletCornstalk Plant (also called Corn Plant - all parts)
bulletCorydalis (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletCowslip (new leaves, stems)
bulletCrab's Eye (also called Jequirity Bean, Precatory Bean, Rosary Pea - beans)
bulletCreeping Charlie (all parts)
bulletCrocus (also called Autumn Crocus - all parts)
bulletCroton (foliage, shoots)
bulletCrowfoot (also called Buttercup - new leaves, stems)
bulletCrown of Thorns (all parts)
bulletCuban Laurel (all parts)
bulletCuckoo Pint (also called Lords and Ladies - all parts)
bulletCultivated Bleeding Heart (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletCultivated Larkspur (all parts)
bulletCutleaf Philodendron (also called Ceriman, Fruit Salad Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Split-leaf Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plant - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletCycads (all parts)
bulletCyclamen (foliage, flowers, stems)
bulletCypress Spurge (foliage, flowers, sap)
bulletDaffodil (also called Jonquil, Narcissus - all parts)
bulletDaphne (berries, bark, leaves)
bulletDatura (all parts)
bulletDay Lily (all parts)
bulletDeadly Nightshade (also called Belladonna, Black Nightshade, Common Nightshade - foliage, unripe fruit, sprouts)
bulletDeath Camas (also called Amanita - all parts)
bulletDeath Cap Mushroom (all parts)
bulletDelphinium (all parts)
bulletDestroying Angel Mushroom (also called Amanita - all parts)
bulletDevil's Backbone (also called Kalanchoe - leaves, stems)
bulletDevil's Ivy (also called Golden Pothos, Pothos - all parts)
bulletDevil's Trumpet (also called Datura - all parts)
bulletDieffenbachia (also call Dumb Cane - all parts)
bulletDogbane (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletDoll's Eyes (also called Baneberry - foliage, red/white berries, roots)
bulletDracaena Palm (foliage)
bulletDragon Tree (foliage)
bulletDumb cane (also called Aroids - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletDutchman's Breeches (also called Staggerweed - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletDwarf Larkspur (also called Larkspur, Poisonweed - all parts)
bulletEaster Flower (also called Christmas Flower, Christmas Plant, Poinsettia - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletEaster Lily (leaves, stems, flowers, bulbs) (especially in cats!!)
bulletEggplant (all parts but fruit)
bulletElaine (all parts)
bulletElderberry (all parts)
bulletElephant Ears (also called Angel's Wings - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletEmerald Duke (also called Majesty, Philodendron, Red Princess - all parts)
bulletEmerald Feather (also called Emerald Fern - all parts)
bulletEmerald Fern (also called Emerald Feather - all parts)
bulletEnglish Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletEnglish Yew (also called Yew - needles, seeds, bark)
bulletErgot (fungus on seed heads of grains and grasses)
bulletEucalyptus (all parts)
bulletEuphorbia (foliage, flowers, sap)
bulletEuropean Bittersweet (also called Bitter Nightshade, Bittersweet, Climbing Nightshade - all parts)
bulletEverlasting Pea (all parts)
bulletFalse Cactus (also called Candelabra Cactus - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletFalse Hellbore (also called Corn Lily, Western False Hellebore - all parts)
bulletFeverfew (also called Chrysanthemum, Mum - leaves, stalks)
bulletFicus (sap, peel)
bulletFiddle-leaf Fig (all parts)
bulletFiddle-Leaf Philodendron (all parts)
bulletFiddleneck (also called Tarweed - all parts above ground)
bulletFlag (also called Blue Flag, Fleur-de-lis, Iris - bulbs)
bulletFlamingo Plant (all parts)
bulletFlax (foliage)
bulletFleur-de-lis (also called Blue Flag, Flag, Iris - bulbs)
bulletFlorida Beauty (all parts)
bulletFly Agaric (also called Amanita - all parts)
bullet Four O'Clock (all parts)
bulletFoxglove (leaves, stems, flowers, seeds)
bulletFoxtail Barley (also called Squirreltail Barley, Wild Barley - seedheads)
bulletFruit Salad Plant (also called Ceriman, Cut-leaf Philodendron, Mexican Breadfruit, Split-leaf Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plant - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletGelsemium (foliage, flowers, berries, sap)
bulletGeranium (all parts)
bulletGerman Ivy (all parts above ground)
bulletGhost Weed (also called Snow on the Mountain - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletGiant Dumb cane (also called Dieffenbachia - all parts)
bulletGill-Over-The-Ground (all parts)
bulletGlacier Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletGladiola (bulbs)
bulletGlory Lily (all parts)
bulletGold Dieffenbachia (all parts)
bulletGold Dust Dracaena (foliage)
bulletGolden Chain (also called Laburnum - flowers, seeds)
bulletGolden Pothos (also called Devil's Ivy, Pothos - all parts)
bulletGrapes (all parts; also see Raisins)
bulletGreen Dragon (also called Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Indian Turnip - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletGreen False Hellebore (also called Indian Poke, White Hellebore - all parts)
bulletGreen Gold Nephthysis (all parts)
bulletGround Ivy (all parts)
bulletGroundsel (also called Ragwort, Tansy Ragwort - all parts above ground)
bulletHahn's Self-branching English Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletHeartleaf (also called Parlor Ivy, Philodendron - all parts)
bulletHeartland Philodendron (also called Philodendron - all parts)
bulletHeavenly Bamboo (all parts)
bulletHellebore (foliage, flowers)
bulletHemlock (also called Poison Hemlock - all parts)
bulletHenbane (seeds)
bulletHens-and-Chicks (all parts)
bulletHolly (berries)
bulletHorse Nettle (also called Bull Nettle, Carolina Horsenettle - all parts)
bulletHorse Chestnut (also called Buckeye, Ohio Buckeye - buds, nuts, leaves, bark, seedlings, honey)
bulletHorsebrush (foliage)
bulletHorsehead Philodendron (all parts)
bulletHorsetail (also called Scouringrush - all parts)
bulletHurricane Plant (bulbs)
bulletHyacinth (bulbs, leaves, flowers)
bulletHydrangea (all parts)
bulletImpatiens (also called Touch-me-not - all parts)
bulletIndian Poke (also called Green False Hellebore, White Hellebore - all parts)
bulletIndian Rubber Plant (all parts)
bulletIndian Turnip (also called Green Dragon, Jack-in-the-Pulpit - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletInkberry (also called Pokeweed - all parts)
bulletIris (also called Blue Flag, Flag, Fleur-de-lis - bulbs)
bulletIvies (all species - leaves, berries)
bulletJack-in-the-Pulpit (also called Green Dragon, Indian Turnip - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletJamestown Weed (also called Jimsonweed - all parts)
bulletJanet Craig Dracaena (foliage)
bulletJapanese Show Lily (all parts - especially cats!)
bulletJapanese Yew (also called Yew - needles, seeds, bark)
bulletJasmine (foliage, flowers, sap)
bulletJatropha (seeds, sap)
bulletJava Bean (also called Lima Bean - uncooked beans)
bulletJequirity Bean (also called Crab's Eye, Precatory Bean, Rosary Pea - beans)
bulletJerusalem Cherry (all parts)
bulletJessamine (also called Chinese Inkberry - fruit, sap)
bulletJimson Weed (also called Jamestown Weed - all parts)
bulletJohnson Grass (leaves, stems)
bulletJonquil (also called Daffodil, Narcissus - all parts)
bulletJuniper (needles, stems, berries)
bulletKalanchoe (also called Devil's Backbone - leaves, stems)
bulletKlamath Weed (also called St. Johnswort - all parts)
bulletLaburnum (also called Golden Chain - flowers, seeds)
bulletLace Fern (all parts)
bulletLacy Tree Philodendron (all parts)
bulletLambkill (also called Sheep Laurel - all parts)
bulletLantana (also called Lantana Camara, Red Sage, West Indian Lantana, Yellow Sage - foliage, flowers, berries)
bulletLantana Camara (also called Red Sage, Yellow Sage - foliage, flowers, berries)
bulletLarkspur (all parts)
bulletLaurel (all parts)
bulletLilies (all species - all parts)
bulletLily-of-the-Valley (all parts)
bulletLima Bean (also called Java Bean - uncooked beans)
bulletLocoweed (all parts)
bulletLords and Ladies (also called Cuckoo Pint - all parts)
bulletLucerne (also called Alfalfa - foliage)
bulletLupine (also called Bluebonnet, Quaker Bonnets - all parts)
bulletMacadamia Nut (all parts)
bulletMadagascar Dragon Tree (foliage)
bulletMajesty (also called Emerald Duke, Philodendron, Red Princess - all parts)
bulletMandrake (also called Mayapple - all but ripe fruit)
bulletMarble Queen (all parts)
bulletMarigold (also called Marsh Marigold - new leaves, stems)
bulletMarsh Marigold (also called Marigold - new leaves, stems)
bulletMauna Loa Peace Lily (also called Peace Lily - all parts)
bulletMayapple (also called Mandrake - all but ripe fruit)
bulletMescal Bean (also called Texas Mountain Laurel - all parts)
bulletMexican Breadfruit (also called Ceriman, Cut-leaf Philodendron, Fruit Salad Plant, Split-leaf Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plant - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletMexican Poppy (also called Prickly Poppy - all parts)
bulletMilk Bush (also called Euphorbia, Tinsel Tree - all parts)
bulletMilkweed (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletMilo (foliage)
bulletMiniature Croton (foliage, shoots)
bulletMistletoe (all parts)
bulletMock Orange (fruit)
bulletMonkshood (also called Aconite, Wolfsbane - leaves, flowers, roots)
bulletMoonseed (berries)
bulletMorning Glory (all parts)
bulletMother-in-Law's Tongue (also called Snake Plant - foliage)
bulletMountain Laurel (also called Lambkill, Sheep Laurel - all parts)
bulletMushrooms (also called Amanita, Death Cap, Destroying Angel, Fly Agaric, Panther Cap, Spring Amanita - all parts)
bulletNap-at-Noon (also called Snowdrop, Star of Bethlehem - all parts)
bulletNarcissus (all parts)
bulletNeedlepoint Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletNephthytis (also called Arrowhead Vine, Tri-Leaf Wonder - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletNightshade (also called Black Nightshade, Common Nightshade, Deadly Nightshade - berries)
bulletNutmeg (nut)
bulletOaks (buds, young shoots, sprouts, acorns)
bulletOleander (all parts)
bulletOnion (all parts)
bulletOrange Day Lily (all parts)
bulletOriental Lily (cats!)
bulletPanda (all parts)
bulletPanther Cap Mushroom (also called Amanita - all parts)
bulletParlor Ivy (also called Heartleaf, Philodendron- all parts)
bulletPeace Lily (also called Mauna Loa Peace Lily - all parts)
bulletPeach (pits, wilting leaves)
bulletPencil Cactus
bulletPennyroyal (foliage, flowers)
bulletPeony (foliage, flowers)
bulletPeriwinkle (all parts)
bulletPeyote (also called Mescal - buttons)
bulletPhilodendron (also called Heartland Philodendron - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletPie Plant (also called Rhubarb - leaves, uncooked stems)
bulletPimpernel (foliage, flowers, fruit)
bulletPin Cherry (seeds)
bulletPinks (all parts)
bulletPlumose Fern (all parts)
bulletPoinsettia (also called Christmas Flower, Christmas Plant, Easter Flower - leaves, stem, milky sap - low toxicity)
bulletPoison Hemlock (also called Hemlock - all parts)
bulletPoison Ivy (all parts)
bulletPoison Oak (all parts)
bulletPoison Weed (also called Dwarf Lakspur, Larkspur, Delphinium - all parts)
bulletPokeweed (also called Inkberry - all parts)
bulletPoppy (all parts)
bulletPotato plant (sprouts, vines, unripe tubers - green fruit, stem and leaves)
bulletPothos (also called Devil's Ivy, Golden Pothos - all parts)
bulletPrecatory Bean (also called Crab's Eye, Jequirity Bean, Rosary Pea - beans)
bulletPrickly Poppy (also called Mexican Poppy - all parts)
bulletPrimrose (all parts)
bulletPrivet (also called Common Privet - foliage, berries)
bulletQuaker Bonnets (also called Lupine, Blue Bonnet - all parts)
bulletQueensland Nut (all parts)
bulletRagwort (also called Groundsel, Tansy Ragwort - all parts above ground)
bulletRaisins (also see Grapes)
bulletRed Clover (foliage)
bulletRed Emerald (all parts)
bulletRed Lily (all parts)
bulletRed Margined Dracaena (also called Straight Margined Dracaena - all parts)
bulletRed Maple (leaves)
bulletRed Princess (also called Emerald Duke, Majesty, Philodendron - all parts)
bulletRed Sage (foliage, flowers, berries)
bulletRed-Margined Dracaena (foliage)
bulletRhododendron (also called Azalea - all parts)
bulletRhubarb (also called Pie Plant - leaves, uncooked stems)
bulletRibbon Plant (foliage)
bulletRichweed (also called White Snakeroot, White Sanicle - leaves, flowers, stems, roots)
bulletRosary Pea (also called Crab's Eye, Jequirity Bean, Precatory Bean - beans)
bulletRosemary (foliage)
bulletRubrum Lily (all parts)
bulletSaddle Leaf Philodendron (all parts)
bulletSago Palm (all parts)
bulletSatin Pothos (all parts)
bulletSchefflera (also called Philodendron - all parts)
bulletScotch Broom (all parts)
bulletScouringrush (also called Horsetail - all parts)
bulletSenecio (all parts above ground)
bulletSensitive Fern (all parts)
bulletSheep Laurel (also called Lambkill - all parts)
bulletSilver Pothos
bulletSilver Queen (also called Chinese Evergreen - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletSingletary Pea (all parts)
bulletSkunk Cabbage (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletSnake Plant (also called Mother-in-law's Tongue - all parts)
bulletSnapdragon (foliage, flowers)
bulletSnow on the Mountain (also called Ghost Weed - leaves, stem, milky sap)
bulletSnowdrop (also called Nap-at-Noon, Star of Bethlehem - all parts)
bulletSoapwort (also called Bouncing Bet - all parts)
bulletSorghum (foliage)
bulletSpathiphyllum (also called Peace Lily - leaves, stems, flowers, bulbs)
bulletSplit-leaf Philodendron (also called Ceriman, Cut-leaf Philodendron, Fruit Salad Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Swiss Cheese Plant - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletSpotted Cowbane (also called Water Hemlock, Spotted Water Hemlock - all parts)
bulletSpotted Dumb Cane (also called Dieffenbachia - all parts)
bulletSpotted Water Hemlock (also called Spotted Cowbane, Water Hemlock - all parts)
bulletSpring Amanita (also called Amanita - all parts)
bulletSpurges (also called Euphorbia, Milk Bush, Tinsel Tree - all parts)
bulletSquirrelcorn (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletSquirreltail Barley (also called Foxtail Barley, Wild Barley - seedheads)
bulletSt. Johnswort (also called Klamath Weed - all parts)
bulletStaggerweed (also called Bleeding Heart, Dutchman's Breeches - leaves, stems, roots
bulletStar Jasmine (foliage, flowers)
bulletStar of Bethlehem (also called Snowdrop, Nap-at-Noon - all parts)
bulletStargazer Lily (all parts)
bulletStinging Nettle (also called Wood Nettle - leaves, stems)
bulletString of Pearls (all parts above ground)
bulletStraight Margined Dracaena (also called Red Margined Dracaena - all parts)
bulletStriped Dracaena (foliage)
bulletSudan Grass (all parts)
bulletSweet Cherry (seeds)
bulletSweet Pea (all parts)
bulletSweetheart Ivy (leaves, berries)
bulletSwiss Cheese Plant (also called Ceriman, Cut-leaf Philodendron, Fruit Salad Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Split-leaf Philodendron - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletSyngonium (all parts)
bulletTangier Pea (all parts)
bulletTansy Ragwort (also called Grounsel, Ragwort - all parts above ground)
bulletTaro Vine (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletTarweed (also called Amsinckia - all parts above ground)
bulletTexas Mountain Laurel (also called Mescal Bean - all parts)
bulletThornapple (also called Apple of Peru, Flowering Tolguacha - all parts)
bulletTiger Lily (leaves, stems, flowers, bulbs - especially cats!! )
bulletTinsel Tree (also called Euphorbia, Milk Bush - all parts)
bulletTobacco (leaves)
bulletTolguacha - flowering (also called Apple of Peru, Thornapple - all parts)
bulletTomato Plant - (green fruit, stem, and leaves)
bulletTouch-me-not (also called Impatiens - all parts)
bulletTree Philodendron (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletTri-Leaf Wonder (also called Arrowhead Vine, Nepthytis - leaves, stems, roots)
bulletTrillium (foliage)
bulletTropic Snow Dieffenbachia (also called Dieffenbachia - all parts)
bulletTrumpet Lily (all parts)
bulletTrumpet Vine (also called Angel's Trumpet, Chalice Vine - all parts)
bulletTulip (bulbs)
bulletTung Oil Tree (all parts)
bulletUmbrella Plant (all parts)
bulletVariable Dieffenbachia (all parts)
bulletVariegated Philodendron (all parts)
bulletVariegated Wandering Jew (leaves)
bulletVelvet Lupine (all parts)
bulletVenus Flytrap (all parts)
bulletVerbena (foliage, flowers)
bulletVinca Vine (all parts)
bulletVirginia Creeper (sap)
bulletWalnuts (hulls)
bulletWandering Jew (leaves)
bulletWarneckei Dracaena (all parts)
bulletWater Hemlock (also called Spotted Cowbane, Spotted Water Hemlock - all parts)
bulletWeeping Fig
bulletWest Indian Lantana (foliage, flowers, berries)
bulletWhite Clover (foliage)
bulletWhite Hellebore (also called Green False Hellebore, Indian Poke - all parts)
bulletWhite Sanicle (also called White Snakeroot, Richweed - leaves, flowers, stems, roots)
bulletWhite Snakeroot (also called White Sanicle, Richweed - leaves, flowers, stems, roots)
bulletWild Barley (also called Foxtail Barley, Squirreltail Barley - seedheads)
bulletWild Black Cherry (seeds)
bulletWild Bleeding Heart (leaves, stems, roots)
bulletWisteria (also called Chinese Wisteria, Japanese Wisteria - seeds, pods)
bulletWolfsbane (also called Aconite, Monkshood - leaves, flowers, roots)
bulletWood Lily (all parts)
bulletWood Nettle (leaves, stems)
bulletYellow Jasmine (also called Carolina Jessamine, Yellow Jessamine - all parts)
bulletYellow Oleander (also called Yellow Be-Still Tree - all parts)
bulletYellow Sage (foliage, flowers, berries)
bulletYellow Star Thistle (foliage, flowers)
bulletYesterday, Today, Tomorrow (all parts)
bulletYews (needles, seeds, bark)
bulletYucca (all parts)



bulletAcorn Summer Squash
bulletAfrican Violet
bulletAir Plant
bulletAirplane Plant
bulletAluminum Plant
bulletAmerican Plane Tree (also called American Sycamore, Buttonwood)
bulletAmerican Rubber
bulletAnthericum Comosum
bulletAntirrhinum Multiflorum
bulletArabian Gentian
bulletArtillery Plant
bulletAspidium Falcatum
bulletAutumn Olive (also called Autumn Oleaster)
bulletBaby Rubber Plant (also called Pepper-Face)
bulletBaby Tears (also called Creeping Jenny)
bulletBachelors Buttons
bulletBall Fern
bulletBamboo Palm
bulletBamboo Vine
bulletBanana Squash
bulletBanana Tree
bulletBarrel Cactus
bulletBeefsteak Plant (also called Chicken Gizzard Plant)
bulletBelmore Sentry Palm
bulletBig Shellbark Hickory
bulletBitter Pecan
bulletBitternut Hickory
bulletBlack Haw
bulletBlack Hawthorn
bulletBlaspheme Vine
bulletBloodleaf Plant
bulletBlooming Sally (also called Fire Weed, Great Willow Herb, Willow Herb)
bulletBlue Bottle
bulletBlue Daisy
bulletBlue-Bead (also called Bride's Bonnet, Queencup)
bulletBlue Echeveria
bulletBlushing Bromeliad
bulletBlunt Leaf Peperomia
bulletBold Sword Fern
bulletBoston Fern
bulletBottle Palm (also called Elephant Foot Tree, Ponytail Palm)
bulletBrazilian Orchid
bulletBristly Greenbrier
bulletBride's Bonnet (also called Blue-Bead, Queencup)
bulletBroom Hickory
bulletBrodiaea Pulchella
bulletBur Gourd
bulletBurro Tail (also called Donkey Tail)
bulletButtercup Squash
bulletButterfly Ginger (also called White Ginger)
bulletButterfly Iris
bulletButterfly Orchid
bulletButterfly Squash
bulletButton Fern
bulletButtonwood (also called American Sycamore, American Plane Tree
bulletCactus (most)
bulletCalathea (also called Peacock Plant, Rattlesnake Plant, Zebra Plant)
bulletCalthea Lancifolia
bulletCalifornia Pitcher Plant
bulletCalochortus Nuttalli
bulletCanadian Hemlock
bulletCanary Date Palm
bulletCandle Plant (also called Royal Charlie)
bulletCandy Corn (also called Goldfish Plant)
bulletCanna Lily
bulletCantebury Bell
bulletCape Jasmine
bulletCape Primrose (also called Streptocarpus)
bulletCarob Tree (also called Locust Beans, Locust Pods)
bulletCarolina Hemlock
bulletCarrion Flower (also called Starfish Flower)
bulletCarrot Fern
bulletCasaba Melon
bulletCast-Iron Plant
bulletCat Brier
bulletCat Ear
bulletCatmint (also called Catnip)
bulletCatnip (also called Catmint)
bulletChenille Plant
bulletChicken Gizzard Plant (also called Beefsteak Plant)
bulletChickens and Hens
bulletChina Aster
bulletChina Root
bulletChinese Fan Palm
bulletChinese Parsley (also called Cilantro, Coriander, Indian Parsley)
bulletChinese Plumbago
bulletChlorophytum (also called Airplane Plant, Ribbon Plant, Spider Ivy, Spider Plant)
bulletChocolate Soldier
bulletChristmas Dagger
bulletChristmas Orchid
bulletChristmas Palm (also called Manila Palm)
bulletCilantro (also called Coriander, Chinese Parsley, Indian Parsley)
bulletCliff Brake Fern
bulletClub Moss
bulletCocks Comb
bulletCocktail Orchid
bulletCommon Staghorn Fern
bulletConfederate Jasmine
bulletCopper Rose
bulletCoral Bells
bulletCoral Berry
bulletCoriander (also called Cilantro, Chinese Parsley, Indian Parsley)
bulletCorn Plant
bulletCreeping Charlie
bulletCreeping Gloxinia
bulletCreeping Jenny (also called Baby Tears)
bulletCreeping Mahonia
bulletCreeping Pilea
bulletCreeping Rubus
bulletCreeping Zinnia
bulletCrepe Myrtle
bulletCrimson Bottlebush
bulletCrimson Cup
bulletCrisped Feather Fern
bulletCushon Aloe
bulletCushion Moss
bulletDainty Rabbits-Foot Fern
bulletDallas Fern
bulletDancing Doll Orchid
bulletDonkey Tail (also called Burro Tail)
bulletDesert Trumpet
bulletDichorisandra Reginae
bulletDinteranthus Vanzylii
bulletDuffii Fern
bulletDuffy Fern
bulletDwarf Date Palm
bulletDwarf Feather Fern
bulletDwarf Palm
bulletDwarf Rose-Stripe Star
bulletDwarf Royal Palm
bulletDwarf Whitman Fern
bulletDracaena (except d. Marginata)
bulletEarth Star
bulletEaster Cattleya
bulletEaster Daisy
bulletEaster Lily Cactus (also called Barrel Cactus)
bulletEaster Orchid
bulletElephant Foot Tree (also called Bottle Palm, Ponytail Palm)
bulletElephant-Ear Begonia
bulletEmerald Ripple Peperomia
bulletEnglish Hawthorn
bulletEpidendrum (also called Orchid)
bulletFalse Aralia
bulletFairy Fountain
bulletFan Tufted Palm
bulletFeather Fern
bulletFeathered Amaranth
bulletFiery Reed Orchid
bulletFig Leaf Gourd
bulletFigleaf Palm
bulletFingernail Plant
bulletFire Weed (also called Blooming Sally, Great Willow Herb, Willow Herb)
bulletFish Tail Fern
bulletFlame African Violet
bulletFlame of the Woods
bulletFlame Violet
bulletFlorida Butterfly Orchid
bulletFluffy Ruffles
bulletForster Sentry Palm
bulletFortunes Palm
bulletFreckle Face (also called Measles Plant, Polka-dot Plant)
bulletFriendship Plant (also called Panamiga, Pan-American Friendship Plant, Silver Tree)
bulletGarden Canna
bulletGarden Marigold
bulletGarden Snapdragon
bulletGerman Violet
bulletGerbena (also called Gerbena Daisy)
bulletGhost Leafless Orchid
bulletGhost Plant
bulletGiant Aster
bulletGiant Holly Fern (also called Western Sword Fern)
bulletGiant White Inch Plant
bulletGibasis Geniculata
bulletGlobe Thistle
bulletGold Bloom
bulletGolden Aster
bulletGolden Bells
bulletGolden Lace Orchid
bulletGolden Shower Orchid
bulletGoldfish Plant (also called Candy Corn)
bulletGood Luck Palm
bulletGrape Hyacinth
bulletGrape Ivy
bulletGreat Willow Herb (also called Blooming Sally, Fire Weed, Willow Herb)
bulletGreen Ripple Peperomia
bulletGuiana Chestnut (also called Money Tree Plant, Pachira)
bulletHardy Baby Tears
bulletHardy Gloxinia
bulletHaws Apple
bulletHaworthia (also called Wart Plant)
bulletHedgehog Gourd
bulletHemlock Tree
bulletHens and Chickens
bulletHen And Chickens Fern
bulletHindu Rope Plant (also called Hoya)
bulletHolly Fern
bulletHoney Locust
bulletHoney Plant (also called Hoya, Wax Plant)
bulletHoneydew Melons
bulletHoneysuckle Fuchsia
bulletHookera Pulchella
bulletHorse Brier
bulletHoya (also called Wax Plant)
bulletHubbard Squash
bulletIce Plant
bulletImbricata Sword Fern
bulletIndian Parsley (also called Cilantro, Chinese Parsley, Coriander)
bulletIrish Moss
bulletIron Cross Begonia
bulletIvy Peperomia
bulletIvy-Leaf Peperomia
bulletJackson Brier
bulletJacob's Ladder
bulletJade Plant
bulletJapanese Aralia
bulletJapanese Holly Fern
bulletJapanese Moss
bulletJapanese Pittosporum
bulletJewel Orchid
bulletJoseph's Coat
bulletJungle Geranium
bulletKahili Ginger
bulletKenilworth Ivy
bulletKentia Palm (also called Thatch Leaf Palm)
bulletKenya Palm
bulletKenya Violet
bulletKing and Queen Fern
bulletKing of the Forest
bulletLace Flower Vine
bulletLace Orchid
bulletLady Lou
bulletLady Palm
bulletLady's Eardrop
bulletLarge Lady Palm
bulletLaurel Leaved Greenbrier
bulletLeather Peperomia
bulletLemon Balm
bulletLemon Bottlebrush
bulletLeng-fen Tu'an
bulletLeopard Lily
bulletLeopard Orchid
bulletLesser Snapdragon
bulletLily Of The Valley Orchid
bulletLipstick Plant (also called Climbing Beauty, Pipe Plant)
bulletLittle Fantasy Peperomia
bulletLittle Zebra Plant
bulletLiving Rock Cactus
bulletLiving Stones
bulletLocust Beans (also called Carob Tree, Locust Pods)
bulletLocust Pods (also called Carob Tree, Locust Beans)
bulletMadagascar Jasmine
bulletMagnolia Bush
bulletMahonia Aquifolium
bulletMalabar Gourd
bulletMalaysian Dracaema
bulletManila Palm (also called Christmas Palm)
bulletMapleleaf Begonia
bulletMarbled Fingernail
bulletMariposa Lily
bulletMary-Bud (also called Pot Marigold)
bulletMeasles Plant (also called Freckle Face, Polk-dot Plant)
bulletMetallic Leaf Begonia
bulletMetallic Mexican Firecracker
bulletMexican Rosettes
bulletMexican Snowballs
bulletMistletoe Cactus
bulletMockernut Hickory
bulletMoney Tree Plant (also called Guiana Chestnut, Pachira)
bulletMosaic Plant
bulletMosiac Vase
bulletMoss Agate
bulletMoss Campion
bulletMoss Fern
bulletMoss Phlox
bulletMoss Rose
bulletMoss Rose Peperomia (also called Red Tree)
bulletMother Fern
bulletMother Spleenwort
bulletMother of Pearl
bulletMountain Ash
bulletMountain Camellia
bulletMountain Grape (also called Oregon Grape)
bulletMulberry Bush Greenbrier
bulletMulberry Tree
bulletNarrow Leafed Pleomele
bulletNatal Plum
bulletNeanthe Bella Palm (also called Parlor Palm)
bulletNeoregelia (also called Bromiliad)
bulletNephrolepsis (also called Fern)
bulletNerve Plant
bulletNew Silver and Bronze
bulletNight Blooming Cereus
bulletNorfolk Pine
bulletOld Man Cactus
bulletOld World Orchid
bulletOrange Star
bulletOregon Grape (also called Mountain Grape)
bulletOriental Sycamore
bulletOssifragi Vase
bulletPachira (also called Guiana Chestnut, Money Tree Plant)
bulletPaddys Wig
bulletPainted Lady
bulletPalm Lily
bulletPampus Grass
bulletPan-American Friendship Plant (also called Friendship Plant, Panamiga, Silver Tree)
bulletPanamiga (also called Friendship Plant, Pan-American Friendship Plant, Silver Tree)
bulletPansy Orchid
bulletParadise Palm
bulletParlor Palm (also called Neanthe Bella Palm)
bulletParlor Plant
bulletParsley Fern
bulletPeace Begonia
bulletPeacock Plant
bulletPearl Plant
bulletPearly Dots
bulletPepper-Face (also called Baby Rubber Plant)
bulletPersian Violet
bulletPheasant Plant
bulletPiggyback Plant
bulletPignut Hickory
bulletPink Brocade
bulletPink Pearl
bulletPink Starlite
bulletPlatinum Peperomia
bulletPlush Plant
bulletPolka-dot Plant (also called Freckle Face, Measles Plant)
bulletPonytail Palm (also called Bottle Palm, Elephant Foot Tree)
bulletPorcelain Flower
bulletPot Marigold (also called Mary-Bud)
bulletPrairie Lily
bulletPrairie Snowball
bulletPrayer Plant (also called Calathea, Maranta)
bulletPrickly Bottlebrush
bulletPurple Baby Tears (also called Purple Creeping Jenny)
bulletPurple Passion Vine
bulletPurple Waffle Plant (also called Waffle Plant)
bulletPurpleosier Willow
bulletQueen's Spiderwort
bulletQueencup (also called Bride's Bonnet, Blue-Bead)
bulletQueensland Arrowroot
bulletRabbit's Foot (also called Rabbit's Tracks)
bulletRabbit's Foot Fern
bulletRabbit's Tracks (also called Rabbit's Foot)
bulletRadiator Plant
bulletRainbow Orchid
bulletRattlesnake Plant
bulletRed African Violet
bulletRed Berried Greenbrier
bulletRed Edge Peperomia
bulletRed Hawthorne
bulletRed Ivy (also called Red-Flame Ivy)
bulletRed Palm Lily
bulletRed Tree (also called Metallic Peperomia)
bulletRed Veined Prayer Plant
bulletRed-Flame Ivy (also called Red Ivy)
bulletRex Begonia
bulletReed Palm
bulletResurrection Lily
bulletRibbon Plant
bulletRoosevelt Fern
bulletRoyal Velvet Plant (also called Velvet Plant)
bulletRubber Plant
bulletRussian Olive
bulletSaffron Spike Zebra
bulletSaint Bernards Lily
bulletSalvia (also called Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage)
bulletSand Lily
bulletSand Verbena
bulletSatin Pellionia
bulletScarborough Lily
bulletScarlet Orchid
bulletScarlet Sage (also called Salvia, Texas Sage)
bulletSego Lily
bulletShagbark Hickory
bulletShan Ku'ei-Lai
bulletShellbark Hickory
bulletShiny Leaf Smilax
bulletShrimp Cactus
bulletSilver Bell
bulletSilver Berry
bulletSilver Heart
bulletSilver Leaf Peperomia
bulletSilver Nerve Plant
bulletSilver Pink Vine
bulletSilver Star
bulletSilver Table Fern
bulletSilver Tree Anamiga (also called Friendship Plant, Panamiga, Pan-American Friendship Plant, Silver Tree)
bulletSlender Deutzia
bulletSmall Fruited Hickory
bulletSpeckled Clintonia (also called Speckled Wood Lily)
bulletSpeckled Wood Lily (also called Speckled Clintonia)
bulletSpice Orchid
bulletSpider Ivy
bulletSpider Plant
bulletSpotted Laurel
bulletSquirrel's Foot Fern (also called Black Rabbit's Foot Fern)
bulletSt. Bernard's Lily
bulletStaghorn Fern
bulletStar Jasmine
bulletStar Lily
bulletStar Plant
bulletStar Tulip
bulletStar Window Plant
bulletStarfish Flower (also called Carrion Flower)
bulletStriped Blushing
bulletSugar Pods
bulletSulphur Flower
bulletSummer Hyacinth
bulletSwedish Ivy
bulletSweetheart Hoya
bulletSweetheart Peperomia
bulletSweet William
bulletSword Fern
bulletTahitian Bridal Veil
bulletTailed Orchid
bulletTall Feather Fern
bulletTall Mahonia
bulletTeasel Gourd
bulletTexas Sage (also called Salvia, Scarlet Sage)
bulletThatch Leaf Palm (also called Kentia Palm)
bulletThea Japonica
bulletThimble Cactus
bulletThorn Apple
bulletTi Hu-ling
bulletTiger Orchid
bulletToad Spotted Cactus
bulletTorch Lily
bulletTrailing Peperomia
bulletTree Cactus
bulletTree Gloxinia
bulletTropical Moss
bulletTrue Cantalope
bulletTu Fu-ling
bulletTulip Poplar (also called Tulip Tree)
bulletTulip Tree (also called Tulip Poplar)
bulletTurban Squash
bulletTurf Lily
bulletVariegated Laurel
bulletVariegated Oval Leaf Peperomia
bulletVariegated Philodendron Leaf
bulletVariegated Wax Plant (also called Hoya)
bulletVelvet Plant (also called Royal Velvet Plant)
bulletVerona Fern
bulletVerona Lace Fern
bulletVining Peperomia
bulletViolet Slipper Gloxinia
bulletWaffle Plant (also called Purple Waffle Plant)
bulletWalking Anthericum
bulletWart Plant (also called Haworthia)
bulletWashington Hawthorn
bulletWater Hickory
bulletWatermelon Peperomia
bulletWatermelon Pilea
bulletWax Plant (also called Honey Plant, Hoya)
bulletWax Rosette
bulletWeeping Bottlebrush
bulletWeeping Sergeant Hemlock
bulletWest Indian Gherkin
bulletWestern Sword Fern (also called Giant Holly Fern)
bulletWheat Celosia
bulletWheat Grass
bulletWhite Ginger (also called Butterfly Ginger)
bulletWhite Edged Swedish Ivy
bulletWhite Heart Hickory
bulletWhitman Fern
bulletWild Buckwheat
bulletWild Hyacinth
bulletWild Lantana
bulletWild Sarsaparilla
bulletWild Strawberry
bulletWillow Herb (also called Blooming Sally, Fire Weed, Great Willow Herb)
bulletWindmill Palm
bulletWinter Cattleya
bulletWithered Snapdragon
bulletYellow Bloodleaf
bulletYellow-flowered Gourd
bulletYerba Linda
bulletZebra Basket Vine
bulletZebra Haworthia
bulletZebra Plant
bulletZucchini squash