Outside Stud Dogs

Sequoyah German Shepherds

Irmus Galan Nalag
Ozzy Barnero
Brix vom Eichenluft
Hudson v d Karlten Hardt
Joschi v d Eichendorfschule
Tárnoki Felvigyazó Quamatz (Quasi)
Drago vom Patriot
Barry von Casa Arado
Rambo vom Spartanville
Bolle Ja Na Ka
Jax vom Banach
Arek von der Wedeme
Cero Jivo


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Last updated 11/27/16


Irmus Galan Nalag

  • Owner - Mike Diehl
  • Dark Sable male - Czech lines
  • Medium Large - approx 85-88 pounds
  • Son to Hoky Va Pe
  • Tremendous Power and Toughness
  • Full, Hard, Brutal Grips, Fast Long Bite
  • Strong, natural tracker
  • Hard Dog with Excellent drives
  • Strong willingness to please



Ozzy Barnero:

  • Owner -
  • Czech male - Black Sable
  • Medium/large, Muscular, athletic
  • Great personality - good with kids
  • 2x World Competitor - placed 7th at the World in 2007
  • Tracking is "machine-like and methodical"
  • He is the father of our own "Kat" vom Sequoyah Haus




Brix vom Eichenluft

  • Owner - Molly Graf
  • Black male - DDR and West German Lines
  • Good bone, BEAUTIFUL,
  • Son to Eagle vom Eichenluft, Grandson to Alk Osterburg Quell
  • Also son to Cora vom Granit Rose (Aron's full sister)
  • Herding Titled, KKl2
  • Father to our own Hollywood vom Sequoyah Haus
  • Was bred to our Tala vom LinMarc



Joschi von der Eichendorfschule:

  • Owner - Tammy
  • Large male - Black and tan
  • Good drives
  • Very nice pedigree
  • Great with people and other dogs
  • Bred to Moira to produce several nice working dogs including some police dogs



Hudson von der Karlten Hardt:

  • Owner - Mark Boggs
  • Solid, large boned male - blanketed black/tan
  • BSP Participant
  • SCH 3, FH2, KKL1
  • Full brother to Hutch von der Kalten Hardt - BSP competitor & also Germany's 2008 Universal Sieger
  • Hard, Tough Dog, Serious
  • Possessive


Tárnoki Felvigyazó Quamatz (Quasi):

  • Owner - Von Tajgetosz
  • Beautiful, large boned male
  • Georgeous head and Rich pigment
  • Excellent German working pedigree
  • Son to Vox von der Kine and Tina von den Wolfen
  • Willingness to work and work with his handler
  • Powerful
  • Excellent on and off switch

Esko vom Klammeck:

  • Owner - Jim and Cindy Reed
  • Beautiful Black Sable Male
  • IPO3, FO, PD1, P1, P2S, CGC, CD, CDX, Korklasse 1
  • Rock Solid temperament
  • Excellent bond with handler>
  • Solid Full grips
  • Superb pedigree



Drago vom Patriot:

  • Handler - Gary Hanrahan
  • Large, Gorgeous, Bicolor Male
  • One of the most sought after working studs from Germany
  • Tremendous Intensity
  • Incredible grips with power and toughness
  • Solid stud with many progeny on the ground showing excellent working traits


Rambo vom Spartanville:

  • Owner - Kirk Maze
  • Gorgeous, Black Sable male
  • Son of V Puck vom Gräfental
  • Grandson of V (LGZS) Aron vom Poppitz
  • Classic DDR male with heavy bone, strong head, and dark pigment
  • Phenomenal Hip Scores - OFA:  Good, PennHip:  top <1%
  • Excellent hold and barks - calm, full bites with reliable outs
  • Great temperament - reliable with a nice "off" switch


Barry von Casa Arado:

  • Owner - Gary Hanrahan
  • Gorgeous, Heavy boned Dark Sable male
  • GrandSon of Falk von der Wolfen
  • ZW Score: 83
  • IPO 3, AD
  • Excellent Muzzle Fighter
  • HD/ED Normal



Bolle Ja Na Ka:

  • Located in AL - Gary Hanrahan
  • Gorgeous, Bicolor Male
  • 2 x BSP Champion, 2 x WUSV
  • ZW Score: 75
  • HD/ED Normal
  • DM Normal, Long coat clear







Arek von der Wedeme

  •  Located in KS - Malinda Weber (Weberhaus)
  •  DDR Lines. 
  •  Clear head, good nerves
  •  Solid, Beautiful Male
  •  HD/ED Normal
  •  ZW:  72
  •  Titles:  IPO3
  •  DM Clear/Normal





Cero Jivo

  •  Located in IN - Nate Harves (Sportwaffen)
  •  Serious, tough, large bone sable male
  •  IPO2, Kkl1
  •  ZW Score:  83
  •  HD/ED:  A-Normal
  •  DM - Clear/Normal