Moira / Irmus Litter:  W-Litter


Sequoyah German Shepherds

Gretchen/Taco 99
Rio/Dax 04
Raven/Logan 11-04
Rio/Logan 6-05
Raven/Logan 1-06
Laynie/Logan 5-06
Raven/Logan 3-07
Raven/Judge 11-07
Uny/Tommy 1-08
Cosie/Jeb 3-08
Uny/Dierk 7-08
Raven/Dierk 9-08
Ghirra and Xeus
Jesse and Remington 11/2008
Ryker/Nellie 3-09
Raven/Dierk 4-5-09
Tigress and Wasko 5-24-09
Ghirra/Wasko 6-09
Uny / Galant 7-20-09
Tigress/Wasko 12/17/09
Ghirra/Wasko 12/25/10
Kiah / Thorn 2-13-10
Raven/Wasko 5-7-10
Tigress / Patron 7-18-10
Uny/Quasi 7-18-10
Moira/Joschi 8-18-10
Raven/Quasi 5-7-10
Tala/Brix 1-1-11
Rayna/Patron 1-15-11
Moira/Joschi 2-7-11
Uny/Ozzy 3-4-11
Connie/Wasko 6-26-11
Tigress/Jake 8-4-11
Alline/Hudson 8-30-11
Rayna/Patron 1-11-12
Mags/Ken 2-12-12
Moira/Irmus 9-22-12
Rayna/Patron 1-9-13
Mags/Drago 5-11-13


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GSD Placements


Last updated 3/5/13

Moira vom Haus Hoengen was bred to Irmus Galan Nalag


Wanted to give you an update on Kaiser. Heís doing great and getting HUGE! Lucky is still not too fond of him when they are in the house but tolerates and even plays with him when they are outside. Attached are some pictures. Heís a mommaís boy for sure which Iím sure is from his time spent with ďMomma KathyĒ. Pass these pictures on to her so she knows heís adjusting well. When we start getting close to six months I want to get with Tom about training.  Can you give me his contact info?

....  By the way, I think my boy is pretty smart too! He learned sit really easy but of course heís food driven so that helped. Haha He doesnít miss a thing and just follows me from room to room when Iím doing household chores and will just lie down and watch me until I move to another room. Heís going to be a great boy and my perfect travel buddy! Heís still small enough that he can fit through the fence, but just barely and only if he sees me or Greg on the other side. Iím hoping within a week he can have more freedom in the yard without us being afraid he will get out.

We are going to the lake house next weekend and stay until the New Year so that will be a fun new adventure for Kaiser. I canít wait to see his reaction to all the new sites and smells in the woods.





Hello! I just wanted to send you some pics of my adorable little puppy. She is doing so good!......Thank you SO much! Nika is such an awesome dog and I am so blessed to have her!